Tori Hamill

In 2004 I completed my first sprint triathlon at Alligator Creek. I noticed some people wearing the St Louis Tri Club kit and I thought, there are clubs for this? I went online, registered and decided to see what all the excitement was about. Over the past years I have met some incredible people that have taught me so much. They have also talked me into doing some races that I probably would not have considered, but it’s much easier when you have someone or a group of people to train with.

My favorite race is Kansas 70.3. The hills on the bike can be challenging, but no too difficult. The run is flat and since it is through the campground you always see people cheering.

I think the biggest challenge when training is how to get through the ‘I just don’t feel like it’ mood. When growing up and I didn’t want to go to practice, I would think two things:

  1. What is the competition doing? They are working out to get better and not sitting on the couch skipping a workout.
  2. I will give it 10 minutes and if I still don’t feel like continuing then I will stop.


I still have these days when I don’t want to workout, but I have goals and I made a commitment. The only way I can reach or exceed my goals is to think about the competition and just give it 10 minutes. Because I know that after I finish a workout I feel great.