Destination Race Criteria – 2023

Idaho, Oklahoma, Michigan, British Columbia, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa.

What do all those states and provinces have in common? Answer: They have each seen a group of Saint Louis Triathlon Club members travel to a race within their borders in the last few years. We call these destination races and they are extraordinarily fun (See the photos below). You train together, travel together, and race together. There is nothing better than seeing your fellow clubmates on the race course despite being far from home.

Destination races have formed organically and will continue to do so in 2023. These are the criteria that will designate a race as an official club destination race:

  • Races that are more than a 2 hr drive from STL (according to Google) will qualify.
  • 10 member minimum. If there are fewer than 10 members racing, the # of racers must be greater than # of non-racers/domesitiques/volunteers/support crew. (Ex. As few as 6 members racing, with 4 supporters)
  • All members attending must RSVP on the club website for the race to count as a club destination race.
  • Group meal (i.e. pre-race dinner, post-race lunch) will be on the Club’s tab (food only, drinks will be members’ responsibility). Take a group photo!
  • Club tent, bike rack, banner flag is available to bring if not being used elsewhere. Any snacks/beverage in storage can also be brought.
  • A stipend will be available to purchase snacks/recovery drinks for post-race gathering. Amount of stipend will be enough to provide for the # of members expected.


2023 Destination Races

This list will be updated as races meet the Destination Race criteria:

Other races with potential … just need a few more RSVPs:


Images from Previous Destination Races

Click on the photos to enlarge:


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