Travel Bike Box

We now have three bike travel cases!

  1. Our first box is a Trisports travel case that requires minimal disassembly of your bike. It is wheeled and the dimensions are roughly 50x33x17. This box fits up to 2 bikes.
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  2. The second box is a Trico Sports Iron Case measuring 47x30x10.5 inches.
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  3. The third box is a Ruster Sports Armored Hen House. It offers the advantage of avoiding excess baggage fees by allowing the bike to be carried in 2 bags, one for the frame, and one for the wheels. There is a packing instruction video in the case details page. Our case is black and red (same color scheme as the OG Hen House), not the camo version in the case details page.
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You can select the available box that best suits your needs. To reserve the box, fill out the reservation form below, and you will be sent the Bike Box Rental Agreement. Rentals are for one week.
(Note: If you see an overlap in the calendar that shows all boxes reserved during your requested dates, please contact our bike box coordinator by email to inquire if there are extra cases to reserve. There may be instances where a fourth case can be made available.)

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Below is the availability of the boxes:

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= Trico Sports Iron Case
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