Courtney Baxter

I grew up in St. Louis, leaving for college only to return 7 years, 3 states and a graduate degree later. I currently am a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner for a practice in Kirkwood here I spend my days trying to convince my patients to love running. I mean, start walking : ) I have run long distance for the past 8 years and did my first triathlon on a let 5 years ago. In late 2011 I was lucky enough to make friends with some awesome St Louis Tri Club peeps who convinced me to give multisport another “tri.” In 2012 I survived 2 sprint distance races, the Innsbrook Quartermax and….wait for it…. the Branson Quartermax! Somewhere along the way I developed a healthy addiction to multisport! Along my crazy journey into the dark depths of the world of triathlons the St Louis Tri Club helped light the way with advice, training partners and reminders that other people are just as nuts as I am. As a newbie to triathlons I have benefited in many ways from St Louis Tri Club over the past year and am proud to pay it forward!

What is your most/least favorite gel flavor? Ick! All that sugar and slimyness? I’ll stick to sports beans thanks!

Where are your favorite places to train St Louis? Anywhere there are fun people to keep me company! I spend a lot of time in Forest Park. I love to run in Castlewood in the winter and I’ve learned to love the Hills of Wildwood for the character building only hills on a bike can provide.

What is the worst food you’ve ever tried in training or racing, and why? A fizzy sport drinks in some cherry flavor. Pure awefulness. I hate fizz and I hate cherry. There you have it folks!

Where and when was your first multi-sport event? Olympic Triathlon May 2007, Terre Haute Indiana

What is your favorite thing about triathlon? The sense of accomplishment everytime I ride a little farther or swim a little faster. Oh, and the days when I burn more calories than I ate of course.

What is the one piece of tri-geek gear you can’t live without? I’m pretty sure I’ve made it to a training/race without just about any piece of gear you can think of and survived!! I guess my bike shoes would fall into the can’t train, I mean, live, without.