Shaylin Seal

I’m a runner turned triathlete. I did my first triathlon in 2012, went on to do a half Ironman at the end of that summer, and just completed my first Ironman in September of 2013…yes..I pretty much just jumped right in. I love being active, and I love the social part of this club (it clearly rocks!). I’ve met some amazing people training, and look forward to many more friends and good times in the triathlon world.

My favorite race? While Ironman Wisconsin was incredibly challenging for me, it was still an amazing race. The crowd support is incredible, and gives it a whole different kind of experience.

My most challenging moment you’ve had during a race? Triple T (a sprint on Friday, 2 olympics on Saturday, and a half IM on Sunday) was a challenging weekend in general, but the second time around the course on Sunday going up their famous never ending hill was the worst. My legs were so sore at that point, and I MAY have teared up a little. Luckily a fellow sufferer assured me we would get through it, and we did.

Tip for new (and veteran) triathletes? Make friends and create a good training crew! It will keep things fun and motivating while training. For all of the veterans, just don’t forget to have fun off the course as well. The Social Committee is looking forward to helping with that this year!