Karen Berra

When/where was your first triathlon? My first triathlon was Tour de Kirkwood 2013. I had always been a runner but my friend and TriClub member Shona Scott introduced me to Tour de Kirkwood and encouraged me to do it…..LOVED it!!

What is your favorite race? For multiple reasons St. Jude Nashville Half Marathon 2013 to date has been my favorite race. First, it was just a few weeks after the Boston Marathon Bombing and to stand at the starting line with my friends and thousands of strangers for a moment of silence and then to sing Sweet Caroline for those in Boston was quite emotional. Second, I was running for my niece Maria who is a Ewing’s sarcoma survivor, yes a SURVIVOR. She was diagnosed at age seven and to be running for her was a great honor. And finally, after GO St. Louis Full Marathon 2013 and my not so pleasant experience, I didn’t know if I would ever want to run again. But after running 13.1 fun and fabulous miles in the rain for all the above reasons…St. Jude Nashville is truly my favorite race. That day I LOVED running again!!

What is the most challenging moment you’ve had during a race? GO St. Louis 2013 was to be my second marathon in seven months, and it was about the end of me. Training in the early morning hours during the wintry cold, snow and sleet only to have warm spring temperatures the day of the event, in addition to flu like symptoms the day before the marathon…well, you get the picture. “FIND A WAY” my constant mantra helped me find the finish line that never looked so sweet.

Tip for new (and veteran) triathletes? I have only been a member for 1+ years. The members of StL TriClub are warm, welcoming and sincere. They have a wealth of knowledge that is amazing. Never hesitate to ask a question, even if you think it may be silly. My first question was, “What do I wear under my wetsuit?” Yep, never too silly!!