Michael and Jennifer Duchek

Mike Duchek joined the club in very early 2014, completing his first Sprint Triathlon later that same year. Completing his first half marathon in 2011, the newly deemed endurance athlete progressed to marathons and was looking for more. After reading a local newspaper article about JP Palmer, he remembered mention of the St. Louis Triathlon Club in that article. Now the inspiration and camaraderie of his fellow members has helped encourage him to complete numerous multi-sport events and bring his wife and kids into the multi-sport arena as participants and volunteers.

Jennifer Duchek has always supported her husband Mike in endurance athletics and joined the club in 2015. She has always shown eagerness to be involved, whether running a 5K, volunteering to help at an event or just to cheer on athletes. In 2017, she teamed with Mike in her first multi-sport event, completing the run leg of a biathlon. Armed with a bike now and willingness to learn how to endurance swim, Jennifer maybe looking to complete her first triathlon in 2018. Regardless of the level of participation, she’ll continue to support the activities of the club that has welcomed her.

There is more information about Michael Duchek and Family @ https://www.stlouistriclub.com/michael-duchek-and-family/