Lynne Collins

My first triathlon was Memphis in May in 2007.  I bought my bike two months prior to this event; before then I tried a few spinning classes at the YMCA.  I remember being afraid to enter that water with all those people.
My favorite thing in triathlon is trying to get the fastest transition time in the whole race!  I also love the camaraderie in our sport and in our Club especially.  I seldom train alone.
My favorite place to train in St. Louis is Forest Park. I like CSP in Clayton for swimming.
Favorite tech-geek gear: I can’t live without my Garmin because I have no idea how fast I’m running without it and I love the data. Oh – and I get lost – A LOT.  So, if you’re on a ride with me please point me in the right direction.  And if you see me turn the wrong way in a race, yell at me to turn around!