Sherry D’Amico

I grew up in St. Louis and have always been active, however never considered myself an “athlete”.  I started on a youth swim team and did various recreational sports throughout my teens and early 20s. I find it funny that during my swimming years I never swam the 500M, considering that distance too torturous. Now the 500M is my warm-up. In high school I finished swimming and never looked back. At age 39 in search of the fountain of youth, I set a goal of completing a half marathon even though I was not a runner. I trained on the Katy trail, which is still my favorite place to run. That same year, I completed the Lewis and Clark half marathon with my two girls jumping in to cross the finish line with me. It was so challenging starting from ground zero as a runner. I was afraid that if I took a break I would never return, so have been running since.  My first triathlon was the St. Peters Rec Plex in 2005, which I entered knowing nothing about the sport. I used my husband’s 32 year old ten speed bike that I was not entirely familiar with. It was a 21 mile ride, which I assumed would be so easy that I did not train for it, newbie mistake. Since 2003 I have raced every year, always improving my time. I have always ran half marathons and look for the longer sprint triathlons. Last year I decided to step it up by adding a Century Ride and 70.3 Half Ironman.  I have found that while longer distances are difficult, they are very obtainable. My motto is to never go backwards and learn from others who challenge me. This year, I plan to improve upon 2014’s race times and accomplishments, and add some new ones.

What is your favorite place in or around St. Louis to train?
My favorite training plan is a bike ride starting in New Town through farmland followed by a Katy trail run.

What is the worst food you’ve ever tried in training or racing and why?
Pre-Race Pasta carb-loading dinner. The pasta meal weighs me down. I find eggs and pancakes work much better for pre-race.

What is your favorite thing about triathlon?
I love triathlon because it makes you strong! You feel a certain invincibility when working on a brick run after a grueling ride in your awesome Tri Kit. Plus, I have met so many great people through the club’s training events.

Tip for new (and veteran) triathletes?
My advice to any athlete – you can do so much more than you think. Set your goal high and go for it! And, wear your spandex Tri Kit proud. I have had the most interesting conversations when wearing Club gear in public.