Discount for Endurance Sports Management races (Tennessee and Northern Alabama)

Club members are eligible for $30 off on the following Endurance Sports Management races: Goose Pond Island Triathlon (Scottsboro AL) – May 24,…

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2019 Stockton Lake Triathon Club Discount

There is now a club discount for the 2019 Stockton Lake Triathlon Wild-Life Challenge at Stockton Lake, MO. Race date is Sunday, August…

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Big Shark 2019 Multisport Series Discounts

Big Shark Sponsor Discounts are now available for the Chain of Rocks Bridge Duathlon, Highland Memorial Biathlon, and Riverlands Rush Biathlon. In addition,…

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15% Club Discount for 2019 New Town and Vino Fondo

Big Shark is offering Club members a 15% discount on entry into the 2019 Vino Fondo (May 11) and the New Town Triathlon (July 14) and…

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Discount for Grand Rapids and Michigan Titanium

Club members can receive a 10% discount for the 2019 Grand Rapids Triathlon (June 9) and Michigan Titanium Triathlon (August 18). Michigan Titanium…

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Sponsor Discount for 2020 MSE Racing Events

Club Sponsor MSE Racing is offering Club members a discount on all their 2020 events. Visit the Current Discounts page for the specific discount…

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Spring 2018 Wearable Gadgets Presentations

The following links will download PDF’s of the Spring 2018 Wearable Gadgets Mentoring sessions.  The first file is for those who are a…

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Fueling Before, During and After Your Workout and/or Race

Proper nutrition timing can benefit muscle recovery, growth and athletic potential and performance. Learn how to fuel effectively for the best results. Presenter:…

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2018 Minnie HaHa 5k – Club Discount

A shaded, flat 5K, this race immediately follows the Club picnic on June 23, 2018! Put on by Club sponsor MSE Racing.

2018 Equinox Half – Club Discount

It is time for St. Louis’s first and only Night time Half Marathon!! Enjoy your day, your fueling, and your sleeping in, but…

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2019 STL Endurance Open Water Series – Club Discount

Open water swimming at Simpson Park returns in 2019! MSE Racing is once again providing this open water swimming opportunity on multiple Saturdays starting…

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Most commonly violated rules

By request from our February meeting, here they are! USAT Most Violated Rules