Membership Renewal Period Ends February 14

Time may be running out on your Club membership…

Am I a 2016 member?

2015 Memberships expired on December 31, but for this year we have extended to February 14 as we transitioned to our new membership system. If you joined or renewed on or after October 1, your membership continues through 2016. Confused as to whether you are a 2016 member or not? Check for your name below. This information is updated manually so there will be a delay if you just joined or renewed.

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How do I renew my membership?

Click right here to renew!

How long do I have to renew?

The grace period ends at midnight (CST) on February 14.

What do I lose if I don’t renew?

Well, obviously you lose all of your St Louis Triathlon Club benefits. But there are some specific things that will occur after February 14 (Warning! Frighteningly dire and explicit material follows!)

  • Your registration for this website will be suspended, so you no longer will have access to member-only information, such as discounts.
  • Your electronic membership ID will expire.
  • You will be removed from the Club private Facebook group.
  • The newsletter and other Club communications will no longer be sent to you.

Can I renew after February 14?

Yes you can – but you will come in as a new member. That means you won’t get the discounted renewal rate, and you will need to fill out all of those electronic forms and such to get back all of your access.

What if I think I have renewed, but the records show I haven’t?

Yes, this can happen, as there are still some manual steps involved and sometimes just not enough (or maybe too much) caffeine. If you think there is an error in the records, please contact the Membership Coordinator.

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