NEW SLTC KITS are available for ordering thru March 16th

The ordering window for new SLTC kits, supplied by Ascend Sportsware, is open now through March 16th. Visit the online store at the link below to see the new kit and to place your order.

We have ten items available for order:
1. Volare Elite Triathlon Singlet
2. Volare Elite Triathlon Shorts
3. Volare Elite Tri-Suit
4. Volare Elite Cycling Jersey
5. Volare Elite Cycling Bottoms
6. Elevate Running Shirt
7. Elevate Running Singlet
8. Apex Triathlon Singlet
9. Apex Triathlon Shorts
10. Apex Triathlon Suit

If you would like to try on samples to figure out your sizing, the fit kit will be available at the March Membership Meeting on March 15

If you are unable to make that meeting, please contact Michael Ducheck at in order to arrange a time and place to view the apparel and try on items

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