Free PowerUp Cycling Hour Session

Free Power Up SLTC Sessions – March 8 & 11

A total of two sessions (10 slots per session, 20 slots total) – 2 dates – Wed, March 8 (6:30pm) & Sat, March 11 (1:30pm)

You should bring your cycling shoes and either bring or wear cycling clothing. You should also bring a water bottle and, of course, your bicycle.

Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time and bring their bikes, preferably with trainer skewers. Power-Up has plenty of legacy trainer skewers but a limited set of thru-axle trainer skewers. Big Shark sells Roberts trainer skewers. You will need to order them ahead of time to ensure the correct length, diameter and thread. They are a good investment for wheel-on trainer use.

The session will include a 60 minute coach led workout. This will give participants a chance to learn the screen set-up and familiarize yourself with power-based training. Additional Power-Up training and testing services will be explained during the workout.

St. Louis Tri Club discounts for Power-Up services will be available at these sessions. This includes multi-session packages, clinics, training camps, bike fitting and performance testing (LT and VO2-Max).

More information about Power-Up and services may be found at

Location is Big Shark West

Signup to reserve your slot using the SignUp Genius link below:
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