New Membership Platform and Membership Dues for 2016

Two important updates to membership are forthcoming: a new membership platform and new membership fees for 2016.

Membership Fees

For the 2016 calendar year, membership dues will increase across all categories by $10 over the current dues. Here’s a short message from the board regarding the increase:

“Greetings to our members!!!  We are excited for what we have in store for you this coming year!  We also wanted to make sure you knew that we made a slight increase in our dues for a number of reasons……we want to continue to offer solid financial discounts with our sponsors, and also discounts for certain events (remember the 40% off Club Nationals race registration we offered this year?).  So for the first time in 8 years, we are increasing our membership dues by $10.  We hope this does not deter you from renewing your membership…..we are ending the year having hit the 500 member mark and are super excited for 2016!”

Renewing members will still be able to renew at a reduced rate ($35 for individual, $45 for family) during the renewal period covering the months of December, January, and half of February.

Dues: Adult (New) Adult (Renewing) (Through Feb 14) Family (New) Family (Renewing) (Through Feb 14) Youth (New) Youth (Renewing) (Through Feb 14)
2015 $35 $25 $45 $35 $20 $10
2016 $45 $35 $55 $45 $30 $20
New Membership Platform

We are migrating from to a new platform integrated into our website. With our numbers reaching an all-time high this year, the new platform will reduce administrative costs and streamline many of membership’s processes. We’re hopeful that the migration goes smoothly and we’ll continue to monitor and tweak the platform to correct any problems that may arise.

Renewal members will be asked to input your member ID numbers. This will be provided to you via our newsletter as a helpful reminder.

After your membership is processed, you will receive an emailed receipt from Stripe, which is our new payment processor. Your credit card statement will reflect a charge from “ST LOUIS TRIATHLON CLUB”

Historically, we’ve opened up renewal as early as October with renewal rates resetting to the same rate as a new membership on February 1st . With the delayed launch of the new platform, we are extending the reduced rate renewal period from Feb. 1st to Feb 14th. Renewal rates will now reset on Feb. 15th.

Ready to renew? Visit this page to renew your membership. Still have questions? Contact our membership coordinator via our Contact Us page.