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For this month’s featured sponsor spotlight, we are trying something a little different. In order to give our club members a little more interactivity with our featured sponsor, we have arranged for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Samantha Murphy, head coach of Evolve Coaching Systems. Samantha will be live and online starting at 7:45pm (until approx. 8:45pm) this coming Thursday, April 2nd, to answer all of your questions. For those who are unfamiliar with AMA’s from various online sites like Slowtwitch forums and most famously, Reddit, it’s quite simple to explain, you ask a question and our guest will answer it.

Leave your question down below in the comments. If you plan on participating live, wait and post your question then. If you cannot attend on Thursday, you can leave your questions at anytime below and come back after Thursday evening to see her answer. Questions can be topical and serious or fun and wacky. Completely up to you, but Samantha will be the final arbiter of the questions she gives answers to. Remember that while all comments remain public to view, you will have to be logged in to post your questions.  That’s it for the ground rules. Have fun with it and we hope you enjoy the opportunity to get to know Evolve Coaching Systems.  Follow Evolve Coaching Systems on Twitter: @evolvetriathlon and on Facebook, http://facebook.com/evolvecoachingsystems

Samantha Murphy is the head coach of Evolve Coaching Systems and a USAT certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach. She started racing triathlons in 2000 and has multiple Ironman finishes under her racing belt. She has competed in over 100 races of all distances including a 70.3 World Championship finish in 2013. Before becoming a coach, she was a teacher for 12 years in secondary education. She is also mom to a 3 yr old daughter and wife of a speedy triathlete.   


    • My coach call me the Bull dog. I am sure my athletes have some precious names for me – they just keep them to themselves.

    • My basement on my computrainer 😉

      Lake Placid is my stomping grounds for training on the East Coast – my triathlon heart will always be there.

      I would love to return to Lake Placid one day to race.

    • Watching people get outside of their comfort zones and realize that they are capable of so much more than they ever thought possible.

    • I love the Musselman Half Ironman. That was my first Half and my favorite performance to date, since I was just happy to test myself and finish. I had no expectations and while it is not my PR, I was amazed at my time and even qualified for USAT long course nationals.

  1. You mentioned them earlier. How does assistant coach Nicole, and the various support staff of Evolve, complement what you do as head coach? Feel free to give them a shout-out!

    • Nicole is my rock. She is there for me in so many ways and helps me to try to stay balanced. She helps me run camps, and does swimming work. She is also my training partner and we know one another so well. She completes me in all things triathlon.

      Nick Divan is our go to swim guy. He is also a Dr. at Saint Louis Injury and Rehab. He is a beast on the swim and is a great teacher. He does most of our analysis and video work with swimmers as well as gives private lessons.

      Tim Ray of Maplewood is our team fitter. He assures a smooth ride for all who want.

      Jen McDaniel is our nutrition specialist. She is an amazing lady who works to help her clients achieve balance and success.

      Shane Thoreston at Excel PT is our run specialist he works with clients on gait analysis.

      When we put on camps we bring a lot of our staff. This year, we will have Shane, Nick, Nicole and a massage therapist with us along with other support staff.

    • Accountability. Knowing that someone is watching and making sure that you get out and train.

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