Castlewood Cup 2017 – Club Discount

Registration for the 2017 Castlewood Cup will open on Monday, November 7th at Noon. Race date is Saturday, Feb. 25th, 2017. A perennial favorite, Castlewood Cup is a 15K trail race and the third and final leg of Big River Running’s Trail Series. Club members can use the discount code below to save 20% off race registration. The code is provided exclusively for use by club members by our sponsor, Big River Running. Please do not share the code with non-members.






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  1. When does registration for next year’s Big River Running’s Trail Series (Flint Ridge Trail, Skippo and Castlewood Cup) begin, and is there a discount code for that? Thanks.

    • We usually receive discount codes from Big River Running for the individual races just prior to when each race opens up for registration. I think for Flint Ridge, that was around mid to late June and for Skippo, beginning of August.

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