AMA: Beginning Swimmer’s – Come On In!

Thank you to Ryan Metcalf and Carrie Tillott of the Club’s Mentoring Program for organizing and leading a swim clinic dedicated to new swimmers! This clinic will be held at the Whispering Hills Pool from 9-10am on February 28th.

Are you new to swimming?  Don’t know the proper protocol when you arrive to the pool with packed lanes?  Do you want to join a group swim session, but find them intimidating?  If you’re new to the club, new to swimming, or just have questions about how it all works, this is the session for you!

At this NIZ (No Intimidation Zone), we will discuss topics like what to wear to the pool, what to bring, how to pick a lane, etc. The first 30 minutes of this hour-long session will be on dry land; and the last 30 minutes will be in-pool work.  DON’T worry if you’re not a “fast” swimmer, or if you don’t swim long, or you only breathe right (or left), or if your big toe looks funny without socks on – the focus of this session will be demystifying the pool – not on form, distance, or pace.

If you can’t attend or have questions ahead of the clinic, please post them in the comments below so Ryan and Carrie, along with other Club members, can answer your questions. We’d also like to invite veteran Club members to post their first-time swim stories, tips they’ve learned over the years to get past pool intimidation, and anything else that would be helpful to new swimmers.

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