Welcome to your “Core-antine”

A strong core and hips are vital to avoid overuse injuries. ​It’s proven that muscular imbalances and weaknesses lead to faulty mechanics, then in turn leads to overuse injuries and inefficiencies.  

Take this time to build yourself a “Quarantine Core”!  Come out of it stronger and more ready to race than ever.  

Supplies needed are: foam roller and a looped theraband

Optional supplies: Bosu or swiss ball


Go to the website link below with the access code, or you can use the ‘Medbridge GO’ phone app and enter the access code.  This will get you started. I will plan to send updates or additions to mix it up.  

Access Code: 77VQFJKA

URL: https://Athleticopt.medbridgego.com/ 

Feel free to also review our blog posts for additional information.  Here is an example of some of our specialist’s top exercises! 


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions (elena.claus@athletico.com).  We are in this together (symbolically of course)!

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