Traci Isom

4I’ve been a club member since 2014, and doing triathlons since 2012. I’ve taught high school life science for 14 years; currently teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology and Environmental Science for the last 5. I love working with the kids and seeing their ha-ha moments when the light bulb comes on! I enjoy yoga, reading, hiking, and cooking in addition to SBRing. I’m always looking forward to the next big adventure! I have two beautiful girls who have grown into some pretty fantastic individuals – they are my greatest adventure! I look forward to a great 2017 with the club. Hope to enjoy some training, share lots of smiles and, of course, cheer each other on along the course!

When/Where was your first triathlon?
Buffalo Springs Sprint Triathlon in Lubbock TX in June 2012. Challenging course! I’d like to go back and do the 70.3 in a few years – it’s a qualifier for Kona!!
What is your favorite and least favorite gel flavor?
I’m not a big fan of gels, but anything chocolate works for me =)
What is your favorite race?
Any race where the tri club has a big showing! Oddly enough I do prefer open water swims to pool swims. And for some reason I truly enjoy the sufferfest of Innsbrook!
What is the most challenging moment you’ve had during a race?
I struggled for a good three tri seasons with swimming and panic attacks. The worst was at Lake Springfield doing the Olympic distance in 2014. Conditions were horrible for the swim – there was lots of fallout during this race.
What is your favorite place in or around St. Louis to train?
Columbia IL and MCT are some of my favorite places to ride since it is endless uninterrupted riding. I use the Belleville trail system and forest park for my running training. and of course Whispering Hills, New Town and Simpson lake OWS.
What is your favorite thing about triathlon?
The tri community is so supportive and upbeat -I feel I have found my tribe!!
What is the one piece of tri-geek gear you can’t live without?
uhmm my BIKE!!!! (mine is a racer geometry that I’ve equipped for endurance distances) without a doubt my favorite piece of tri gear…. oh and a good pair of goggles that don’t leak – I’m a big fan of Aquasphere
Tip for new (or veteran) triathletes?
Race your race and have fun – you should be here to enjoy the journey