Race Calendars – A word about ours and others we think you’ll like

You may be wondering why some races appear on our race calendar while others do not. Read on for an explanation.

Our race calendar was never intended to be exhaustive or comprehensive (with one notable exception). There are more complete race calendars out there and we encourage you to use those as well to fill out your own personal race calendar. We’ll even highlight a few of our own favorites. We like to describe our race calendar as a curated list made up of the following:

  1. St. Louis metro-area multisport races – If there’s one area our race calendar should be as comprehensive as possible, this is the exception we were referring to. We are the St. Louis Triathlon Club after all. While we love to travel for destination races, local multisport races are where most of us were introduced to the sport. This includes all triathlons (open-water, pool swim, indoor, kids, etc.), duathlons (run-bike-run), biathlons (run-bike or bike-run), aquabike (swim-bike), and aquathlons (swim-run).
  2. Regional multisport races – Here in the land-locked midwest, we don’t mind traveling outside the metro area to do races and there are several throughout the year that are a short hour or two hour drive away.
  3. Club favorites– These may be former destination races or races that have traditionally been a part of our members annual race schedules. They could be independent or branded, long course or short course.
  4. Where our members are racing – This covers just about any race distance virtually anywhere in the world. We do our best to make sure your race is represented on our calendar and you can tell your fellow members you are racing by rsvp-ing your planned attendance at that event. It’s a great way to see what other members are racing the same races. If you don’t see your event on our calendar, you can help us out by submitting your race. (More on that below)
  5. Selected Sponsor Single-Sport races – Volunteer series races and selected single-sport races that are directed by our sponsors.
Here’s how you can help:

Races will be gradually added as each year goes on and race information becomes available.

Race Directors/Race Staff – If your race is missing from our calendar, please fill out a Contact Us form and select Races/Add a Race to your calendar. The most important details for us are the race date and a link to your race website.

Members – Per #4 in the list above, we want you to share where you’re racing. Instead of using the “Contact Us” form, use the member-only Submit an Event form to add a race to our calendar. Again, the most important details we need are the race date and a link to the race website. Don’t worry about the other options or settings on the form, we’ll take care of the rest.

Other race calendars we love:


  • Tri Find – Search by state or by distance
  • K226 – If you’re looking for a full iron distance tri, this is your resource.


  • Big River Running – Yes, they’re a sponsor, but here’s the thing, your LRS (local running store) is a great resource for finding out about local races. This applies if you happen to travel frequently, just look up the LRS! Big River also times several local races through their timing and race management company, Big River Race Management (BRRM).
  • St. Louis Track Club – In addition to directing various race series like the annual winter Frostbite Series, the venerable club also maintains a robust race calendar on their website.
  • Running in the USA – “The largest online directory of races…” Who are we to argue with that?


Swimming (pool meets or open water swim competitions)


What are your favorite race calendars? Leave a suggestion or two in the comments below!


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