Pedal Hard St. Louis Open House confirmed for Sunday August 2nd morning and afternoon — get ready for Club Nationals in 7 weeks!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Pedal Hard St. Louis Open House atBig Shark Bicycle Company in Chesterfield. The popular date was August 2nd, and we will have a 10am and 11 am session in the morning plus a 1pm and 2pm session in the afternoon. These 30 minute sessions are free and are meant to showcase Pedal Hard and their offerings. The discount packages at the open house are: 
— special pricing on 10 pac
ks of classes ($200 rather than the normal $250)
— lactate threshold testing ($125 rather than the normal $150)
— Pedal Hard / Retul bike fits ($250 rather than $300).
Once you purchase your package, you can ride the Innsbrook bike course for Club Nationals — Innsbrook Halfmax, Quatermax and Sprint. These discount packages DO NOT EXPIRE. Hence we recommend you stock up and use in during a polar vortex winter. Enjoy! These guys and gals at Pedal Hard absolutely rock and invested in getting you ready for Club Nationals!
How to sign up for your slot August 2nd Sunday Morning 10am or 11am or August 2nd Sunday Afternoon 1pm or 2pm : Call: 636-875-4334 or email: If you call in and get voice mail, the Pedal Hard coaches are likely teaching a class. Please leave us a message telling us what time you would like to sign up. If that time slot is full, they call you back and see if another slot works for you. If you do not hear from them, that means they have reserved a slot for you at the time they requested. The same goes for sending an e-mail. Please arrive 15 mins early for your bike set up and remember to bring a water bottle. Face towels are provided, but please do not forget your bike. Deadline to purchase your discount package(s) expires Friday August 7th at noon.

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