ICYMI – July Meeting Recap

Here’s the July meeting recap.

July’s Featured Speaker – Paul Schon, IronBrick Coaching  IronBrick_logo

Paul’s topic was “Triathlon Race Day Nutrition: Fueling for Success”

Here is a brief summary of the main points:


  • Keep dietary changes to a minimum
  • Stay hydrated – take frequent sips from a water bottle you should have on hand, observe urine color, don’t try to cram hydration
  • Be mindful of fiber intake
  • Not the time to drop weight
  • Fuel for the swim pre-race, not during the swim!

Run Fueling

  • Stay ahead, be consistent. Maintain hydration.
  • Keep it simple – if you can use and tolerate race supplied nutrition, that’s less for you to have to carry, but practice with the stuff before the race.
  • Make small changes, don’t overreact

Fueling on the bike

  • This one’s very important as it affects your run particularly for long course (half iron and iron distance)racing
  • Eat while on the bike – less body stress, easier to digest, more time to digest before you start running
  • Maintain your hydration – be consistent with fluid intake, take frequent sips instead of large gulps
  • Aim for ~200-300 calories/hr
  • Practice with your setup

Many thanks to Paul for the presentation.


Executive Director Ralph Pfremmer and Rides Program Manager Steve Schmidt were on hand to talk about Trailnet’s mission of encouraging healthy and active living through walking, biking, and transit. Aside from organizing ~30 rides throughout the year, Trailnet helps to write policy and assists with communities planning street, sidewalk, and trail design to ensure that those seeking safe places to bike and walk are considered. Trailnet’s programming also includes traffic calming demonstrations to reduce vehicle speeds. Club vice president Scott Kolbe presented Ralph with a $500 check on behalf of the club to further advance all of Trailnet’s work in our community.

Race Recaps

Various club members gave their mini reviews of several races that occurred since our last meeting in May. Please visit the race website for more info if you’re looking to add it to your schedule in 2017.


Coordinator Updates

Thanks to all the club members who were out and about volunteering at the club’s volunteer series events. Please double check the spreadsheet to ensure that you are credited the 2 points (per event). If anything is missing, please submit a self-report form to fill in any gaps.

Our next volunteer series event (worth 2 points) will be Border Wars on September 25th.

Race director Teresa Johnson of Sunset Hills Triathlon reached out to the club to ask for volunteers for race day, Sunday, August 28th. Please contact her if you are interested in helping out.


Group Training

Tuesday night bricks, Wednesday night rides, Thursday morning runs, Thursday night rides, and Saturday morning New Town rides are still continuing. Please watch the club’s Facebook group for any weather-related cancellations.


Thursday night mentoring rides have ended for the season, but please feel free to join in on group training’s Thursday night ride which leaves from the same location and time. Upcoming clinics include another climbing/descending clinic at Babler State Park, an open water swim clinic focused on water exits, and a bike handling clinic. Visit the mentoring page for a full rundown and detail of these clinics.

Next (and future) Meeting(s)

August’s speaker will be Elena Friedman from Athletico Physical Therapy. Topic will be bike fit and how it affects potential injury.

Author and coach, Matt Fitzgerald will be coming to speak for our September meeting. We have secured a location which will be the auditorium at MICDS. There will be an opportunity to purchase his books.

Our October meeting will be a Q&A coaching panel featuring our three sponsor coaches, Paul Schon of IronBrick Training, Jennifer Meyer of TriSmart Training Systems, and Samantha Murphy of Evolve Coaching Systems.

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