Club Discount for 2018 Hidden Valley Hustle

For those of you who value your runs in terms of elevation gained instead of miles run, this race is for you. The…

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2018 Fall Shoe Buy

The 2018 fall shoe buy will start on Friday, September 14th and run through Sunday, September 23rd at all 3 Big River Running…

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Club Discount for Fair Maps for Missouri 5K

There is a new discount for club members for the Fair Maps for Missouri 5K to be held on Sunday, September 23 at…

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Swim Suits

Looking to order Triflare Swimming Suit or Back Pack – see below for details!!! The Triflare online store will close on MAY 30TH, 2018 with the ITEMS…

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2018 New Town Open Water Series – Discount now available

In conjunction with our Club Event at the New Town Triathlon, we have another deal for you!! A special $10 off discount code…

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Spring 2018 Wearable Gadgets Presentations

The following links will download PDF’s of the Spring 2018 Wearable Gadgets Mentoring sessions.  The first file is for those who are a…

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Fueling Before, During and After Your Workout and/or Race

Proper nutrition timing can benefit muscle recovery, growth and athletic potential and performance. Learn how to fuel effectively for the best results. Presenter:…

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2018 Minnie HaHa 5k – Club Discount

A shaded, flat 5K, this race immediately follows the Club picnic on June 23, 2018! Put on by Club sponsor MSE Racing.

2018 Equinox Half – Club Discount

It is time for St. Louis’s first and only Night time Half Marathon!! Enjoy your day, your fueling, and your sleeping in, but…

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2018 STL Endurance Open Water Series – Club Discount

Open water swimming at Simpson Park returns in 2018! MSE Racing is once again providing this open water swimming opportunity on multiple Saturdays starting…

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Most commonly violated rules

By request from our February meeting, here they are! USAT Most Violated Rules

2018 Club Spotlight Event – New Town Triathlon

Some of you may remember the spirited club presence at Innsbrook back in 2015 when it hosted USAT club nationals that year. We…

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