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      Yo! Yo! Yo! Icy Iron is coming back just for you!
      And here are the rules for those who are new!
      You promise to do an Ironman distance in 6 weeks’ time
      And I encourage you all along with my serious rhymes!
      And if one Ironman distance is too short for you studs
      Then sign up for two and work hard with your club!
      The idea of Icy is to keep you moving your butt
      Cause these winter months can create a serious rut!
      We have tons of prizes and info coming your way
      Click on the registration link and do it, okay?

      This link will take you to the Icy Iron page on our web site for more information and the registration link!

      Icy Iron Challenge

      Then, once we get to Monday, Dec 17, simply log your swim, bike, and run miles and keep rapping (whoops! I mean “moving”!). The link for logging your miles is also on the page noted above, We will have two cycles of Icy Iron and you are welcome to participate in one or both (each lasting six weeks). This year Cycle 1 starts on Dec 17th and runs through Jan 27th. Cycle 2 starts January 28th and runs through March 10th.

      You can either let me (Vanilla Shank) or John Zielinski (JZ) know if you have any questions! (for the record, JZ is the brains and I am the poet!)

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