Icy Iron: Week 2 of Cycle 2 is Almost Done!

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      Did you complete Icy Iron Cycle One to the end?
      And if you signed up for Cycle Two your ears may I lend?
      There will be a special prize for the first 35 folks
      So all of you double cycling I surely must poke!
      This rhyme is pretty bad and that I must confess
      But this prize you will want this Icy Iron Elf says!

      Okay — That was particularly bad! But we at Icy Iron HQ have ordered an awesome surprise gift for the first 35 people who complete BOTH cycle of Icy Iron this year (not matter if 1X or 2X). Everyone can still get super cool water bottles (and multiples after we are out of the special prizes for Cycle Two!). Don’t forget that the prizes for gift cards include the following: First to complete 1X and 2X, most swim miles, most bike miles, and most run miles, as well as most spirited Rookie! smile emoticon Your miles must be in by midnight tonight to be counted for Week two of this second cycle. Week 3 starts tomorrow!


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      Dianna –
      \Are there two TimF’s

      Week one was
      swim 4500 YD
      bike 40 miles
      run 18 miles

      Week two was
      swim 5950 yd
      bike 57 miles
      run 18 miles

      Could you check for me? There are additional inputs other than the ones I have entered

      Tim Fortune

      fortunetm@sbcglobal.net or timjim987@sbcglobal.net

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