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      Michael Bennett is totally “da bomb”
      With him in charge, ya’ll can’t go wrong!
      He has updated the link so head over there quick
      Be sure you are logged in before you click!
      He can answer questions for all who ask
      His contact info is there and this is no easy task!

      Okay — my rapping is done for today! Michael has the whole Icy Iron activity all set up so be sure to log into the web site and find all the info there. For our new members, Icy Iron is a fun winter activity where you can do an “Ironman” over the course of 6 weeks. You simply update your miles each day after registering and you will see your progress on a spreadsheet. We have prizes for those who finish either 1 Ironman or 2 (you choose!) and including prizes for those who log the most swim miles, bike miles, and run miles. Michael has all the info you need on the link below! Don’t hesitate to answer questions! Good luck everyone! The gates of Icy Iron are open now! (Since Michael is not on FB so I can help if you are over in that virtual space!)

      Icy Iron Challenge

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      Week 2 totals have been posted. Congratulations to our first race finisher! Michael D got a serious stocking full of overachiever. Keep up the good work, everybody.

      Icy Iron Page

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      Week 3 results have been posted. Four club members have now completed their first round race, and one of them is a 2X competitor.

      Dale C, 1X
      John Z, 2X
      Michael D, 1X (Week 2)
      Tori H, 1X, logging over 6.5 miles swim in a single week. That exceeds the new Olympic Swim Marathon distance.

      Keep up the good work, and post those miles. If you can’t post, you might need to renew your membership for 2017.


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      Week 4 results are online. The same four club members have completed their first round, but we have a lot of members getting very close to that finish line. The totals section at the far right of the spreadsheet will tell you what percentage of each event you have left, and there’s a TRUE/FALSE column to show if you’ve completed your total race or not.

      Interesting data points:
      Jessica P has completed 18.88 miles of swimming in four weeks. Those are some serious prune hands.
      James A has logged 418 miles on the bike in four weeks.
      John Z has racked up 118.1 miles of running – that’s more running miles than would be needed for the Iron distance bike.

      Dale C signed up for a 1X, but has already completed enough miles for the 2X distance. If anyone would like to change their 1X/2X designation, let me know. This is the only race out there where you can change the distance on the fly.

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      Week 5 results are online. We have a few more people who have completed the race. All finishers as of Week 5 are:
      Bob E 1X
      Dale C 1X
      Jaime M 2X
      John Z 2X
      Karen B 2X
      Karen P 1X
      Liz B 1X
      Michael D 1X
      Rachel S 2X
      Tori H 1X

      I’ve added three extra columns this week, out past the totals for Round One. These columns will show how many miles you have left for each event, in case you are close and need a little motivation to get out there and get the job done.

      Top Swimmer – Jessica P, with 21.38 miles complete.
      Top Biker – James A, with 418 miles complete.
      Top Runner – Michael D, with 125 miles complete.

      Michael D also gets the Most Insane Overachiever at this point. Add up his three percentages, and he’s at 1,221%.

      I’ll post Week 6 In Progress a couple of times this week. You may update via the website multiple times per week or even multiple times per day if needed. As usual, if I see two entries exactly the same just a couple of minutes apart, I’ll assume that you hit the Submit button an extra time by mistake.

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      Week 6 has been added to the spreadsheet, with all numbers submitted prior to 10:20 PM on Wednesday. Why 10:20 PM? Because that’s what time I got back from the gym where I logged another 20 miles on the bike, that’s why.

      Miles cutoff for Round 1 is 11:59 PM this Saturday. You’ll have until 10 PM on Monday to log your miles for inclusion in the Round 1 Totals. I’ll probably update the totals in progress a couple more times between now and Monday night.

      Yes, you can log miles on the website multiple times per week. I don’t mind seeing each workout logged, it doesn’t increase my workload at all. If you want to log miles for Round 2 before Monday night, add “Round 2” after your name and I’ll get it all sorted out.


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      Round 1 Week 6 has been updated on the website. You have until 10 PM CST on Monday, January 23rd to make entries.

      As far as Round 2 goes, the trip odometer reset at 12:01 AM on Sunday, January 22nd. Miles completed after that time count in Round 2.

      Finishers have been highlighted in green. If you submitted miles to the IcyIrons gmail account, I have not seen them. Resubmit to bennett.michael.j@gmail.com or submit through the website. Corrections can be sent in as well.


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      “Final” results for Round 1 are posted. If you have any corrections to make, please send me an email by Wednesday night. I’ll get a Grand Final Post for Round 1 done Wednesday evening. All website entries from here on out will be posted to Round 2.


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      Round 1 corrections have been received and entered. Congratulations to our finishers!

      1X. The Short Course Is Not A Crime.
      Bob E, Breanna B, Dale C, Emily J, Eric N, Jessica P, Justin F, Karen P, Liz B, Marian H, Michael B, Michael D, Sharon S, Tori H

      2X. Because doing one Iron Distance this way is only half crazy.
      Dave D, Jaime M, Jennifer M, John S, John Z, Karen B, Rachel S, Ryan E, Teresa J

      I’ll have you all know that I’m the Michael B in the 1X batch. To finish run miles on the last day, I took my daughter and a friend to the City Museum downtown. While they went in and played on the slides, I did laps around the block to get my last 3 miles of run completed.

      Awards will be announced and handed out at our February Meeting. If you registered for Round 1, you are signed up for Round 2. Email me if you’d like to change your race distance for the second round.


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