Icy Iron Cycle 1 Week 3 Announcement!

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      Icy Iron Heads up!

      This elf is going on vacation so very soon!
      I am the one who comes up with the tunes!
      But I leave you in the hands of the amazing JZ (John Zielinski)
      So keep logging those miles and don’t get lazy!

      Note: We have had a lot of emails about your “IM’s Completed” column only showing “0.00” even if you have completed some miles. Here is the deal — it will continue to show that until you have logged miles in all three categories — swim, bike, and run, I know that there is at least one person who has, indeed, completed all three and it is still showing a “0.00” I am working on that today and this English teacher elf is trying to channel her inner computer nerd!

      Click here for inputting your miles!

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