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      Icy Iron — a fun activity to help you stay motivated during the winter months – is coming back soon! So here is a little rap to get you all thinking about Icy Iron 2019-2020!

      Icy Iron is coming and it’s coming on strong
      Do this event and you can’t go wrong!
      What is it I think I hear you say?
      Let me explain and you’ll get it, okay?
      Commit to a distance of one Ironman or two
      Swim, bike, and run is the only rule!
      You have six weeks to finish all miles in that time
      And you’ll get to listen to my fantastic rhymes!
      This event is for old-timers and newbies alike
      So bring your enthusiasm and all of your might!

      Here is the link to our web page that explains Icy Iron and the link to register! https://www.stlouistriclub.com/get-active/icy-iron/ We will be starting on Monday, December 9th! Ask Dianna Shank or John Zielinski if you have any questions!

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