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      “Ice Ice, Baby! Ice Ice Baby!
      All right stop, collaborate and listen!
      Icy Iron is back to ease your tension!
      Something makes me feel so darn sprightly
      Flow like a triathlete daily and nightly!
      Will it ever stop? Yo – I don’t know
      But I will swim, bike, run fast or slow!
      To the extreme I rock a pool like a vandal
      Lightin’ up the treadmill and spin bike like a candle!
      Ice Ice Baby! Ice Ice Baby!”

      Well, guess what is back! Yep! You guessed it! Our annual Icy Iron Challenge — and this year we have John Zielinski and me, your humble rapper, to help you stay fit during this winter months! For those new to this rap, the Icy Iron Challenge is a fabulous way to keep up your workout (and your rapping!) in the cold winter months. You agree to complete one (or two) Ironman distances in a 6 week cycle. Simply log your swim, bike, and run miles and keep rapping (whoops! I mean “moving”!) We will have two cycles of Icy Iron and you are welcome to participate in one or both (each lasting six weeks). This year Cycle 1 starts on Dec 17th and runs through Jan 27th. Cycle 2 starts January 28th and runs through March 10th. We promise a sign up link later this week! .

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