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      The results for Week 1 have been posted to the website.

      Jennifer M, John Z, and Lynne K have completed 1X swims.
      John Z has completed the 1X bike.
      No runs are yet complete.

      Your weekly progress can be posted to the website or emailed to me directly.

      I’ve moved to northeast Arkansas, working as a financial analyst for a steel mill, so you won’t be seeing much of me at the meetings. I’ll continue to serve as the data cruncher and analyst for the club. You just wouldn’t believe how much my club experience helped me with landing this job – I don’t think I would have received the offer without it.

      Best of luck to everybody with Round 1.

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      Congrats on the job! I’m a huge fan of Northern AR! I better start submitting my training!

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      Week 2 has been updated. Lynne K has completed a 1X race.


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      Week 3 has been entered. Week 4 has been entered as of 9:30 PM on Sunday night.

      Finishers on the 1X race are:

      Lynne K
      Scott K
      Terri G

      I apologize for late processing on Week 3 – it has been year end at work, so I’ve been putting in 12-14 hour days. If our plant didn’t have a 60 feet from my office, I’d never get anything done. The plant has the perfect heated lap pool, but I need to convince the plant engineers to drop the temperature from 180 degrees to something less lethal…

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      Weeks 4 and 5 are updated.

      Finishers on the 1X race are:
      Karen P
      Lynne K
      Scott K
      Terri G

      No finishers yet on the 2X option.

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      Week 6 Final results have been published.

      Michelle H – Only 2X finisher.

      1X: Karen H, Karen P, Lynne K, Marian H, Michael D, Scott K, Terri G

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      Round 2 has been updated with all information through Feb 15th. You can still submit information for previous weeks – either through email, or by putting your name in the entry page followed by R2 W3 (as an example for Round 2 Week 3).

      Michael D set out to complete a 1X race in one week, and he pulled it off. He’s kept at it, and has more than completed a 2X distance at this point.

      Scott K has also completed a 1X race. He’s been hitting the swim hard, and he’s currently at 10.82 miles.

      Jessica P went to swim camp and is currently at 11.22 miles in the water. Michael D currently holds the distance records in both the bike and the run.

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      Results through Session 2 Week 4 are updated.

      Session 1 numbers corrected. We had an EBCK issue – Error Between Chair and Keyboard.

      Finishers so far, and all signed up for 1X races.

      Michael D – has completed a 2X.
      Scott K – has also completed a 2X.
      Scott H – has completed a 1X.

      If these first two would like to change their race to 2X, let me know.

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      The results for Round 2 have been posted. Check it out and send me corrections if needed. I’ll post all corrections Wednesday evening.

      1X finishers:
      Alison S
      Annette J
      Cathy P
      Jennifer M
      Jessica P
      Karen H
      Karen P
      Kelly R
      Marian H
      Randy H

      2X finishers:
      Scott H
      Shona S

      And, believe it or not, we have a couple of 3X finishers!
      Michael D, 8.49 miles swim, 356 miles bike, 98 miles run.
      Scott K, 20.68 miles swim, 454.4 miles bike, 96 miles run.

      Well done to all the finishers!

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