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      Angela Haarmann

      Mother Nature is at it again affecting only Thursday night activities — just why??

      There are times where you will have to ride in the rain or after it rains, with that said, these may be some helpful tips in case you do get caught riding in the rain or you just may have to race in the rain.

      Last summer as a few girls and I were preparing for our first Ironman and we’d travel hours to ride a 112-mile course during the heat of the summer to prepare us for a tough day on the big race day. Only, both times it wasn’t hot…it was cold and RAINY!!! As frustrating as Mother Nature can be, sometimes we just have to face our enemy. In the end, it makes us stronger, more confident, and prepared in case we face it again on race day.

      There are a few tips I found very helpful when I faced obstacles for the first time. Luckily, I had a horrible experience riding in the rain out on the curvey, hilly routes of Wildwood, MO before facing the cold rain during those long training weekends in the summer! It was horrible at the time but certainly built my inner confidence in riding. The temps dropped to the low 50s and felt like sleet hitting our faces. I was so scared to ride downhill that my stubborn mind was going to walk my body down the steep slopes. I started to clip out. It was the encouragement and tips of a vet member in our club and a close friend of mine who guided us, helped us face our fears and kept me clipped in. It was that day, that prepped me for those long training weekends for my 1st Ironman.

      Things to keep in mind — it does help to lower your tire pressure creating more tire contact on the roads. When going downhills, pump your brakes, alternating sides. You can also stand in a slight squatting position and put more weight on your back tire to gain better control your bike while riding downhill. Avoid the white lines on the road…they are slick demons.

      Enjoy this light reading on more tips for riding in the rain while listening to the pitter patter rain drops or with your morning coffee:

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