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      Angela Haarmann

      Welcome to the message board of the Saint Louis Triathlon Club. Please note that the sharing of information and exchange of ideas is encouraged and welcomed on the message board. While you may not agree with every message posted, insults, put-downs, and general rudeness are discouraged here.

      While the Saint Louis Triathlon Club Board and/or its moderators may monitor or review postings, we are NOT under any obligations to review every forum and post, or even ANY forum or post. We expect you to be mature, courteous, and thoughtful in your postings to the boards. Messages express the views of the authors of the messages, and reflect solely on these authors. Offensive/objectionable posts may be removed at the board’s discretion, but mostly will remain on the record where they can continue reflecting on the author(s) who posted them. Repeated offensive/objectionable posts by an author will result in the indefinite suspension of that member’s good standing with the club per the by-laws.

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