Cycle 2 of Icy Iron Starts Today! (Mon, Jan 28)

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      You all have had two rhymes just this very week
      And I’m here to remind you that its athletes I seek
      It’s time to register for Icy Iron Round Two
      You know the drill and the basic ground rules
      Complete an Ironman distance (or two) in the next 6 weeks
      And use this link to get all the deets!
      Well, my bad rhyming above should make it clear that Icy Iron Round one is done and we are open to folks who want to register for Round 2. You have 6 weeks to complete one or two Ironman distances. We have all kinds of prizes including a gift card just for finishing. So what are you waiting for?! I will only put you on the new Leaderboard if you register for Round 2 — and than means you have to reregister if you are planning on doing this again!
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