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      Hey Tri Club! We did a Winter Swim Series a year or two ago and it’s back again for the 2015-2016!
      We are still drafting a schedule and would LOVE input from the membership!

      Previously we did a few holiday themed events, sponsor-coach led info clinics, and even had a special visit from Sarah Haskins. OK, that was total random luck, but it can’t hurt to hope for something similar this time around too!

      The series starts off with the already scheduled Evolve swim on Dec 13th, at which open water swim tactics will be covered.
      On Dec 20th we are planning a 12 Days of Christmas Swim, with 12 sets of varied intervals and holiday treats.

      In January we’ll have a ‘postal’ swim modeled after the USMS Postal Challenge — how far can you swim in 1 hour? It helps to have a timing partner for this, one swims while one counts then switch.

      In February the I Heart Swimming will be back with candy hearts indicating the swim set. Sweet!! Guess which day that will be 😉
      Then on Feb 28th it’ll be the Last Chance Icy Iron Swim, your last change to get your mileage/yardage in for the Icy Iron Challenge.

      We’d love more ideas! Previously we had a pacing clinic, flip turn teach, how to use pool toys. Send ideas! And we’ll have the details for the Christmas swim soon.


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      Bill Sanders

      I miss the candy hearts…

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      I love your creativity TJ! These all sound great. I think with your special event ideas and coach led clinics that would fill it up! I need an excuse to make it to that pool!


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      Peter Gonzalez

      Candy hearts are good for you! You become a trained seal doing tricks for candy. 🙂

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      Love the variety, TJ!! Looks like mentoring for 2016 is getting off with a bang! I would love a flip turn seminar as well as a session on drills to improve technique and speed.

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      Love the interesting ideas. This is a great way to improve on the swim!

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      We can work on a flip turn clinic! I’ll look into that.

      Here’s the workout pages for the Dec 20th Swim, it’s a PDF file in my Google Docs. I have a Snowman Swim Set (big, bigger, biggest), a Candy Cane Set (one easy/white, one hard/red!), and a few 12 days options. You can follow one of these or BYOB. Battleplan, not Beer!! 😉

      I will bring copies of the workouts and some sheet protectors. We’ll have some holiday treats as well. Hope you can join!

      Here is the link to the PDF file.

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      We’re filling in the Sundays with lots more swimming! Please look for these events as they get posted to the calendar so you can RSVP.

      January 17th: Flip turn clinic
      January 24th: IronBrick swim clinic: Swim workout goals and how to structure your swimming
      January 31st: The Club’s 1 Hour Postal Swim: How far can you swim in one hour?
      February 7th: TriSmart swim clinic: TBA
      February 14th: The I Heart Swimming event
      February 21: nothing set yet
      February 28th: LEAP into the pool, leap year swim!

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