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Week 5 results are online. We have a few more people who have completed the race. All finishers as of Week 5 are:
Bob E 1X
Dale C 1X
Jaime M 2X
John Z 2X
Karen B 2X
Karen P 1X
Liz B 1X
Michael D 1X
Rachel S 2X
Tori H 1X

I’ve added three extra columns this week, out past the totals for Round One. These columns will show how many miles you have left for each event, in case you are close and need a little motivation to get out there and get the job done.

Top Swimmer – Jessica P, with 21.38 miles complete.
Top Biker – James A, with 418 miles complete.
Top Runner – Michael D, with 125 miles complete.

Michael D also gets the Most Insane Overachiever at this point. Add up his three percentages, and he’s at 1,221%.

I’ll post Week 6 In Progress a couple of times this week. You may update via the website multiple times per week or even multiple times per day if needed. As usual, if I see two entries exactly the same just a couple of minutes apart, I’ll assume that you hit the Submit button an extra time by mistake.