AMA: Clothing & Gear for Training and Racing

IMG_1230While I personally think my niece’s clothing and gear choices are super-cute and adorable (left), I’m pretty sure your racing and training clothing shouldn’t look anything like a three year old’s!

To coordinate with the Club’s clothing buy, and too keep you from having too much aerodynamic drag from your Minnie Mouse helmet, we’ve planned a series of clinics to help you choose the proper clothing and gear for racing and training purposes.

The clothing clinic is Sunday March 6th, 5-7pm at Big River Running’s University City store. The gear and equipment clinic will be Sunday April 3rd, 5-7pm, at Big River Running’s West County Store.  There might be a little overlap, but the clothing clinic will focus on just that – clothing. The gear and equipment clinic will focus on stuff like hydration systems, bikes, pink handlebar bags, and other accessories. 

We have invited Club veterans to lead a discussion and show-and-tell on swim, bike, run, and race clothing and gear. Learn what is popular for brands and materials, why one piece is chosen over another, what to pack in a training or racing gear bag, how weather dictates choices, what to shop for if you’re a beginner or advanced athlete, and more.

If you have questions now or can’t attend the clinics, please use the comments section below to ask and we’ll get what we can answered. This will also help us to prepare for the clinics by knowing what you are interested in. These clinics are for YOU, so please join the conversation.

Please follow this link to RSVP for the Clothing Clinic, and this link to RSVP for the Gear & Equipment Clinic.

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