2022/2023 Big Shark Bike/Gear Buy

It’s time once again for the annual bike/gear buy courtesy of our sponsor Big Shark Bicycle Company.  **Please read through the pages in the attached pdf containing the order form**  There’s a status update from Mike about where the industry stands now as we near the end of 2022 and where Big Shark is positioned to deal with the current new normal, how that potentially affects you as a prospective buyer, including a brand by brand breakdown on their current inventory. Bottom line is if you know what you want, definitely reach out to Mike or any of the Big Shark staff and they can walk you through availability and pricing or suitable alternatives if what you want isn’t able to be sourced in a reasonable timeframe.

Here are the important things to keep in mind while trying not to lock eyes with your current gear:

  • The order form is for club members eyes-only. Feel free to share with other St. Louis Tri Club members, but please do not share with those who are not members, and please do not disclose these prices on social media. These perks are made possible because Big Shark sponsors us.
  • Orders should be in by 1/31/23. Pay attention to the ordering and payment details on the last page of the pdf order form.
  • If there are things that are close to what you were hoping for, but not on the list, or if you have questions not covered in the pdf, please email Mike Weiss at mike@bigshark.com and he will do his best to answer questions or suggest alternatives.
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