2021 Big Shark Bike/Gear Buy

See below for the details of the annual bike/gear buy courtesy of our sponsor Big Shark Bicycle Company. The buy consists of everything from full bikes to wetsuits. **Please read the Important Information section at the top of the first page of the order form** You have probably heard about the widespread disruption in worldwide supply chains due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The info provided should help answer a few questions you have and set expectations for when your orders will arrive. The title is not a typo. Here’s a good explainer on the current state of the bicycle retailer market and how Big Shark is dealing with the new normal. SHARKSPLAINING THE BOOM

Here are the important things to keep in mind while trying not to lock eyes with your current gear:

  • The order form is for club members eyes-only. Feel free to share with other St. Louis Tri Club members, but please do not share with those who are not members, and please do not disclose these prices on social media. These perks are made possible because Big Shark sponsors us.
  • Orders should be in by 12/15/20. Pay attention to the ordering and payment details on the last page of the pdf order form. As mentioned above, do not skip looking over the information on page one for orders and stock expectations.
  • If there are things that are close to what you were hoping for, but not on the list, please email Mike Weiss at mike@bigshark.com and he will do his best to find something equivalent in item and price if possible.
  • Eagle-eyed readers will notice a reference to the SRAM grassroots program on the last page of the order form. Mike is working to facilitate this for us. If there are updates on that program’s availiability, we will share that information in this space. Update 11/10/2020: SRAM grassroots spreadsheet is now added. This is a preferred pricing program made available by SRAM through Big Shark and passed along to club members. There is a lot available, everything from Zipp wheels to SRAM eTap to Quarq powermeters. Please look through the entire spreadsheet. If you have questions or do not see what you are looking for, please email Mike.
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