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Week 5 totals have been posted to the website. You have one last week to get finished. I’ll update the totals board a couple of times between now and Monday, March 6th.

Mike D noticed that some of his epic miles were double-posted. I’ve tried to clean things up, but if you think you’re been overstated, send me an email. I’ll pull all your records for Round 2 and you can look them over, then identify for me which lines should be removed if any.

1X finishers:
Bob E
Dale C
Emily J
Jessica P
Justin F
Karen P
Liz B
Marian H
Michael D
Peggy S
Tori H

2X finishers:
Jennifer M
John S
John Z
Rachel S
Scott H
Scott K

Top Swim: Rachel S, with 26.66 miles. The English Channel is only 21 miles.
Top Run: Rachel S, with 441 miles. Saint Louis to Wichita KS is 441 miles.
Top Run: John S, with 160.5 miles. Saint Louis to Terre Haute is 160 miles.

Anyway, get those miles finished up.