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Bill Sanders

Good news, they just refreshed most, but not all, of the treadmills. The link will show you a picture of the control panel on the new units:
Exciting picture of treadmill control panel
So here’s the scoop:

  • You won’t have to wait forever for id to start, hit the green button or the green icon on the lower right of the touchscreen. You’ll be going in about 3 seconds.
  • The display LOVES miles per hour. Which is meaningless to a runner. How do you get pace? On the right side of the display you will see “Show tools”. Select that, and then on the left of the screen you’ll see something like “toggle values”, and then the number in the upper left will cycle between distance and pace. Sorry I don’t remember exactly what it says.
  • You’ve got plenty of time to play with the rest of the buttons 😉