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Mentoring – Pose Method of Running

Date(s) - 10/25/2015
8:15 am - 9:15 am

Whispering Hills Clubhouse


Want to run Faster?  Avoid running injuries and run without pain?  In 1977 Dr. Nicholas Romanov was the first person to publish instructions and a system and theory of movement for how best to run.  He was the first to publish research showing how gravity is used in running and his method has been proven to produce 50% less impact to the knee joint with every step!  Since he developed his system of running technique instruction, many others have jumped on the band wagon – it is now accepted that people can actually change their running technique and get faster and stay healthier, but it was all new when he was doing post-doctoral research in Russia as an elite track and field athlete himself.

As a competitive runner before triathlon – I know the running world used to believe folks should just stick with their own technique – “natural”.  This works if a person is not injured and as fast as they want to be (they probably are lucky enough to have good technique).  For those of us that have problems with injuries and/or aren’t as fast as we want to be – the Pose Method of running has been a tremendous vehicle to improvement.  In recent years, books and sports magazines have been filled with conflicting suggestions about how to run.  I have studied these suggestions and other methods.  As a coach I’ve seen the Pose method help the most people and produce the best results.


Jennifer Meyer

TriSmart Training Systems, LLC.

Pose Method of Running Certified Coach – Level 2


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