Experienced Triathletes

You’ve done your share of races and have a suitcase full of medals to show for it. You know your way around the transition area and you have your own transition layout down to a science. Perhaps you’re a seasoned short-course racer looking to step up to long-course racing? Perhaps you’re a multiple-time ironman looking for a different challenge? What can the St. Louis Tri Club offer you?


  • Find new training partners – Have you grown tired of training by yourself on all those long solo rides?  Joining the Club is a perfect way to connect with many athletes of similar ability. No need to suffer alone and workouts seem to pass by quicker training in a group. You might be surprised by how much you learn from others and how you can benefit by associating yourself with a solid training group.
  • Discounts – We are proud to be sponsored by select local businesses, who in turn offer our club members fantastic discounts. Bike and gear discounts, race entry discounts, training event discounts, clinic discounts, special buys throughout the year featuring exclusive pricing. You will easily recoup your membership fee in the dollars saved over the course of the calendar year.
  • Club resources – The cumulative knowledge and experience of our membership is a resource unto itself. Thinking of trying a new race? Chances are someone has done that race and give you their insights and tips on the race course or race logistics. Wondering about purchasing a particular gadget or new gear? Have a particular training question or wondering about area bike routes, swimming pools, or trails to run? Who better to ask than your fellow members who, chances are, have an opinion one way or another.  Looking to try a few destination races? Use the club’s bike boxes to travel to your race. There is no charge to use either of the bike boxes.
  • Never be alone on race day – Seeing your fellow teammates on the course or on the sidelines cheering is such a great boost no matter where you happen to be. And there’s nothing better than celebrating a hard-earned finish with your teammates after you’re done.
  • Affiliation with local coaches – You’ve tried the self-coached route and yielded decent results and you’re ready to take your training and racing to the next level. Connect with experienced local coaches who will guide you towards new and improved race results and race goals.

Become a mentor – Share your experience, training and racing tips with our newer members. Everyone in this sport was a newbie once and we all know what it was like to get started. Perhaps there was someone who guided you through those early years. Now’s your chance to give back to those discovering triathlon for the first time. Our mentoring program was developed to help new triathletes get comfortable with all the complexities of multisport.