Club Clothing

Greetings! Each year the club designs and orders a variety of items for our members to wear. Our biggest order is for race apparel, including tri- and bike-specific items. Our current Clothing Coordinators can be reached by email.


Tri tops, tri shorts, trisuits, cycling jerseys, cycling jackets, and swimwear. This year we are coming up with a new kit design and are using Epix Gear. We are continuing to use Triflare as well!

Reorder Details

The reorder window is OPENED for the Triflare Tri bags! Click here for more information in regards to the ordering!!


T-shirts, visors, hats, swim caps, and other logo’d gear and apparel. See what’s available to purchase and what these items look like. These items are typically available for purchase at our monthly meetings. New items are added from time to time.

Our store is powered by Square, which is what we use to process credit card payments for clothing sales at our meetings. For those members unable to make it to the meetings, you can purchase items through the store for delivery to your home. Shipping is a flat rate $8.00 for each order, not per item. As long as multiple items fit in a single box, they will ship for one fee. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery. This is not our clothing coordinator’s day job, but we will try and get your items out to you in a timely manner.

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Twice a year the club works with Big River Running to offer a significant discount on running shoes. Traditionally these team buys occur in the spring and fall. We will announce the buys as they occur.


Once a year the club works with Big Shark Bicycle Company to offer significant discounts on all things triathlon-related, including bikes, wetsuits, helmets, etc. Traditionally this team buy occurs in December.


DOGFISH will be opening a online store. You can buy club gear and the closing of the is on the 15th of every month. Your items will be printed and pick up will be at that months club meeting. Please look at the club store first to see if items is already printed and in stock with the clothing inventory. Anytime you have questions please email your clothing coordinator at